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本文摘要:A Chinese driver was killed in a crash while using Tesla’s Autopilot technology four months before a similar high-profile fatal accident in Florida, the victim’s father has claimed in a lawsuit. 一名中国驾车者在用于特斯拉(Tesla)自动辅助驾驶员(Autopilot)技术时爆胎自


A Chinese driver was killed in a crash while using Tesla’s Autopilot technology four months before a similar high-profile fatal accident in Florida, the victim’s father has claimed in a lawsuit. 一名中国驾车者在用于特斯拉(Tesla)自动辅助驾驶员(Autopilot)技术时爆胎自杀身亡,这位受害者的父亲在起诉书中如是说。Tesla denies its Autopilot was at fault.特斯特坚称其Autopilot有责任。

The court case against Tesla’s China unit and a local dealership, which began yesterday in Beijing, raises questions about the Autopilot system that first came under intense scrutiny after the death of Joshua Brown in May. 这起事故再次发生在媒体普遍报导的佛罗里达州类似于车祸的四个月前。对特斯拉中国子公司和一家当地经销商驳回的诉讼昨日开庭审理。


本案明确提出了有关Autopilot系统的问题,这种技术在今年5月约书亚布朗(Joshua Brown)死后首次受到紧密注目。He was killed when his Tesla Model S hit a truck in Florida.他是因为驾驶员一辆特斯拉Model S在佛罗里达州撞到上一辆卡车而病死的。

Tesla has repeatedly insisted Auto-pilot is not a fully automated system and drivers should always keep their hands on the wheel. 特斯拉再三坚决解释,Autopilot并不是一种几乎自动化的系统,驾车者应当一直夹住放到方向盘上。But this month it issued a major update to the technology amid pressure from regulators and drivers who say the system has been oversold.但在监管机构和车主的压力下(他们称该系统被撒谎过头),特斯拉本月对这项技术公布了一次根本性改版。Gao Jubin, father of Gao Yaning, a 23-year-old Tesla driver killed in January when his car hit a truck, is suing Tesla China and the dealership that sold the car, accusing both of misleading buyers.23岁的特斯拉车主高雅宁今年1月在驾车时撞到上一辆道路清扫车自杀身亡。

他的父亲高巨斌控告拓速乐汽车销售(北京)有限公司(特斯拉中国(Tesla China))和销售涉嫌汽车的经销商,指控两者误导买家。Tesla said in a statement after the hearing that there is no evidence that Autopilot was engaged at the time of the accident, adding that regardless, Autopilot was not the cause of the accident, due to the technology only being a driver assistance system that supplements an attentive driver.特斯拉在庭审后发表声明称之为,没证据指出Autopilot在事故再次发生时正处于运营状态,相提并论无论如何,Autopilot不是这一事故的原因,因为该技术只是一种驾驶员辅助系统,帮助一名注意力集中于的驾车者。Repeat warnings for the driver to maintain vehicle control were not heeded in this case, the statement said. 特斯拉的声明称之为,在本案中,有关驾驶者必需维持对汽车掌控的再三警告没被征询。

Even though an upcoming obstacle was visible for nearly 20 seconds, the driver did not take any action to avoid it or do anything else to maintain control of the vehicle. 即使迎面而来的障碍经常出现了近20秒,驾车者也没采取任何行动避免它,也没采行别的行动维持对汽车的掌控。When used properly, the data is unequivocal that Autopilot results in a statistically significant improvement in safety, it concluded.在用于得宜的情况下,数据毫不含糊地解释,Autopilot带给在统计学上明显的安全性提高,声明总结称之为。Tesla China is a fully owned subsidiary of Tesla Motors and Tesla’s sole representative in China, registered to sell parts and cars wholesale to dealers but not to manufacture or sell them to customers directly.特斯拉中国是特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)全资子公司,也是特斯拉在中国的唯一代表,向经销商杂货销售零部件和整车,业务范围不还包括生产或者必要向消费者销售。

Mr Gao is also asking for Rmb10,000 ($1,499) in damages.高巨斌还赔偿1万元人民币(合1499美元)。Tesla’s Autopilot has been the subject of much debate since the Florida crash, but received some support from the US government yesterday with the release of the first formal guidelines for its use on US roads.自佛罗里达州再次发生那起车祸以来,特斯拉的Autopilot仍然是很多辩论的焦点,但昨日取得美国政府的反对;美国公布了首份关于在美国道路上用于该技术的月提示。

In China, Tesla’s promotion of the beta-technology and its safety began stirring public discussion in August, when a Tesla owner posted online a dash-cam clip of his Model S striking a parked car on a Beijing motorway, further claiming he had been misled about its capabilities.在中国,特斯拉促销试验阶段技术以及这种技术的安全性在8月份引起公众热议,当时一名特斯拉车主在网上张贴了仪表盘摄像头摄制的一段视频,表明他的Model S在北京的高速公路上撞上一辆停着的汽车;这名车主更进一步声称,在这种技术的功能上,他被误导了。Mr Gao is asking Tesla to release all data from the car and for the court to rule on whether Autopilot was active during the crash, according to case documents. 根据诉讼文件,高巨斌拒绝特斯拉公布从涉嫌汽车萃取的所有数据,并催促法院判决Autopilot在撞击再次发生时否正处于运营状态。


He additionally filed a request yesterday, asking that the dealership stop using the word Autopilot when promoting Tesla vehicles and apologise for falsely promoting the product.昨日他递交一份可选催促,拒绝经销商在促销特斯拉汽车时停止使用Autopilot一词,并就欺诈宣传产品致歉。The allegations raise a further question about Tesla’s transparency in bringing crashes where Autopilot is implicated to the attention of the public.这些指控引起了有关特斯拉把牵涉到Autopilot的撞击事故告诉公众的透明度问题。Though the fatal crash occurred in January, Tesla did not release a statement until a report from China’s official state broadcaster CCTV last Wednesday cast a spotlight on the court case.虽然这起可怕道路交通事故再次发生在今年1月,但特斯拉仍然没公布声明——直到中国官方的中央电视台(CCTV)上周三的一则报导令人注目这起司法案件。